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Fun Edible Slime Cupcakes For A Child’s Birthday Party

by Kylie

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Just like most kids out there, mine are obsessed with slime. It’s stretchy, sticky, soft, and comes in so many colors.  But what if you could have edible slime cupcakes?

Edible Slime Cupcakes

But one day, when I was looking through the baking department of one of my most loved stores here in Australia, I discovered something a bit different. Edible slime for cakes, yes, you heard right, edible slime.

For something different to try, I brought the three colours that Spotlight had. Tropical Blue, Princess Pink, and Monster Green are the three I got. 

Unfortunately, these are Australian made product. But for those in America, I did some research to see what is available for you.

Jell-O also makes edible slime in strawberry and lime flavours, which are available on amazon.

edible slime cupcakes

How do you add the slime to the cupcakes?

You can do this a few ways if you want to add it to the center as a filling. You do this the same way you do it with other fillers, just as lemon curd, custard, jam, or smarties, by making a hole in the center after it is baked and then adding the slime before decorating.

edible slime cupcake

You can add it to the top instead of butter icing or add butter icing on top of the layer. Or even create a layered cupcake. Cut it in half, add some of the slimes to attach the top and bottom of the cupcake back together.

edible slime cupcakes

Warning Tip: I have found that the edible slime I used is, although it tastes excellent on its own. When combined with the vanilla cupcake and the buttercream icing, it is a sugar overload. In other words, very sweet. 

Can you make edible slime? 

If you do not want to buy slime, or you may not get some when you need it. There are loads of recipes online on how to make edible slime. I will soon be creating my recipe for edible slime to add to this.

Can you use other flavored cupcakes?

Vanilla cupcakes are not the only thing you can add this too. I chose my vanilla cupcakes as a starting point for you all. But you can use chocolate, lemon, strawberry, or any other flavor you like to add the slime too.

And not just cupcakes either, you can use this on cakes too. Use the slime on top of the fondant to get creative with your decorating, like a river or grass.

Or use it in between the cake layers.

Is it like slime?

It’s not like the slime your kids play with. I found the consistency is very different, but it does hold inside and on the cupcake quite will without running down the cupcake’s sides. And the cupcakes don’t soak up the slim when it is inside it. 

But it is quite thick and sticky, just like regular slime.

edible slime cupcakes

Other Recipes You Could Try:

If you are looking for other cupcake recipes to try, the ones listed below as simple and easy to make.  My edible slime cupcakes are created with my Vanilla cupcake recipe that is listed below, but is delicious just on it’s own.

edible slime cupcakes

Edible Slime Cupcakes

Your kids are going to love this slime decorated, filled, or layered slime cupcakes. Great for birthday parties or just treats for them to eat.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Course Dessert, Entertaining, Snack
Cuisine American, Australian
Servings 12 cupcakes
Calories 249 kcal


  • 1 tub or packet of edible slime


  • Bake Vanilla Cupcakes or any other of your favorite flavored cupcakes as per the recipe.

Filling Cupcakes With Slime

  • Once cooled create a hole in the center of the cupcake
  • Add enough edible slime in the hole till it is full

Slime On Top Of The Cupcake

  • Once the cupcakes are cooled, spoon a tablespoon on the top and slowly spread to cover.

Slime Layered Cupcake

  • Once the cupcakes are cooled, remove the cupcake liner and carefully cut the cupcake in half horizontally, just like you would a cake.
  • Pipe slime on the bottom layer of the cupcake and place the top

After Slime Is Added

  • Decorate with butter icing, sprinkles or fondant as normal


Nutrition information is for the edible slime only.  This is based on the slime I used.  For other nutritional information on another edible slime please check the packet.


Serving: 100gCalories: 249kcal (12%)Carbohydrates: 61.1g (20%)Sodium: 78mg (3%)Sugar: 61.1g (68%)
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