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Meet Luna: Our Furry Sous-Chef

by Kylie

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It was a sad day when we lost our beloved Husky, Neeko, to cancer, and while we still miss him terribly, we are thrilled to introduce you to our new family member, Luna. She’s a beautiful black Lab who has quickly become an important part of our Just So Yum family.

We brought Luna home in November when she was just eight weeks old. From day one, Luna made it clear that she loved being in the kitchen with us. Her favourite spot was always in front of the oven, and she would sit there patiently, waiting for us to finish cooking.

As Luna got older, she became more and more curious about what we were doing in the kitchen. She would sit between our legs or beside us when we were cooking on the stove top, and she would jump up on the edge of the bench top to see what we were doing and get a good smell of the food.

Luna has even started to become interested in the food photography and filming that we do for our recipe blog. She’s always in the mix of things, making sure she’s included every step of the way.

But Luna isn’t just interested in the food itself. She’s also a big fan of the Just So Yum lifestyle. Every morning, she greets the kids with a wagging tail and a wiggling body, making sure they stay to give her plenty of pets. And while she’s no longer a tiny pup, she still tries to cuddle up with them whenever she can.

Luna is also up for a good play anytime. She’s full of energy and always ready to run around or play with her toys. But perhaps her favourite thing of all is getting a taste of any new recipe we’re creating. She’s always eager to try whatever we’re cooking up and give it her seal of approval.

As we introduce Luna to our Just So Yum family, we want to thank you for being a part of our recipe blog. We hope that you’ll enjoy getting to know Luna as much as we have. She’s quickly become an important member of our family, and we can’t wait to see where her curiosity and love of food takes her next.

We’re excited to have her on board, and we know she’s going to bring a lot of joy and energy to everything we do.

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